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Oh (local) Christmas Tree! - Backyard Grocery

Oh (local) Christmas Tree!

Christmas tree

Our Christmas tree early in the morning. We need more ornaments!

To me, nothing says Christmas like the smell of a live tree. And nothing beats starting my winter days sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee and gazing at my beautiful tree.

Rick and his stick

Rick and his measuring stick. He's ready.

Every year Rick and I go to the Snickers Gap Tree Farm to find our perfect tree. This year was no exception, even though none of our usual companions (read strong men to help haul it) were able to join us. That did not deter Rick from finding the largest tree we could possible fit in the house…he even brought a measuring stick this year (he got tired of me telling him the trees he wants are too big, so this year he decided to nip that in the bud).


Heading down the road and to the trees.

This farm spans acres and acres of land. This year, the sale trees were at the very back corner, which meant lots of walking. That was fine with us—and the dog. On that crisp December morning, I was thrilled to be out walking through the pines.

hauling the tree

The tree is ready for the long haul to the car.

After much trial and error—to tall, to skinny, to fat, to short—we found the one that was just right. Rick had it down in minutes; I didn’t even have time to pull out the camera. I think he thought I’d change my mind and make him get a smaller tree. We tied the tow rope to it and began the longs 1/4 mile walk of our lives.

Rick resting

Rick needed a little nap after getting the tree out of the grove and onto the path.

For the record, a 13-foot Blue Spruce is very heavy, especially if you have to drag it up hill. It was kind of gratifying when other customers cheered us on. I think most men (perhaps even the rest of the family) want such a big tree. We’re lucky to have the ceiling height for it in our living room.

tree in the truck

It took a few people to load the tree, but we got it in the truck (good thing we didn't have the Smart Car).

Our reward for the manual labor was fresh, local apple cider while we waited for the tree to be bundled. Man that tasted good. Happy Dawg flirted with the other customers, but didn’t snag any treats. We chatted about tree decorations and the holidays in general. It was the perfect way to get in the holiday spirit.

And, we have a locally sourced Christmas Tree and supported one of our local Virginia farmers. If you’re looking for a local place to get your tree, I’ve found the Pick Your Own web site very helpful.
Happy holidays!

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