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Project Backyard Grocery: Summer garden plan - Backyard Grocery

Project Backyard Grocery: Summer garden plan

I started this blog because we got a garden plot and, for the first time in my life, had a lot of home grown veggies. I thought it would be fun to write about what I cooked with them. It’s only been a few short months, but the mission is becoming bigger and, frankly, funner.

community garden plot

Rick reclaimed brick from a friend's construction project and now we have nice brick pathways in the garden.

Rick and I are officially calling our personal sustainable living initiative “Project Backyard Grocery.”We’re turning our 20×20 community garden plot into a showcase. We’re going to have signage with a map to the plot and what we’re growing every season. We’re inviting our garden neighbors in to look around and talk about the harvest. We’re going to share with friends and family about the real viability of living locally wherever you are (we’re in the suburbs of Washington, DC). While Rick is in the garden, I’ll be blogging about the food we make and what we’re growing. This is so much fun! And I get to collaborate with my hubby, which is also always fun.

I posted the other day about a garden planning tool Rick found. Last night he finished the first phase of planning out our summer and winter gardens. This tool is so cool. And (possibly of course) you can buy seeds directly from the site. It’s fantastic.

our summer garden plan

Our summer garden 2012. The U shape beds are in our greenhouse. Should be steamy in there this summer.

I’m already dreaming about the pumpkins and celeriac, tomatoes and peppers, squash and broccoli. I’m also thinking about learning to can. I don’t think my freezer will hold the bounty. I’m a little intimidated by canning, but I’ve got a friend who does it and she said she’d teach me.

Do you have a Project Backyard Grocery? Share your stories about living off the land!

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