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Learn to Cook - Rouxbe cooking school

Learn to Cook

One of the biggest challenges I’ve always had in my quest for a healthy lifestyle is cooking. I wanted to go to cooking school, but I didn’t want to be a Chef. I just wanted to learn how to cook. Everything changed a few years ago when I found the Rouxbe cooking school, which has a very robust on-line cooking program. I love them! I learned first and foremost that having the proper tools makes the job easier. Knowing how to prepare foods, how to use a knife, how to shop for the right ingredients makes cooking easier…and more fun.

So when Rouxbe Online Cooking School launched an affiliate program, I jumped on the bandwagon. If you want to step up your cooking, I highly suggest giving Rouxbe a look. They make it easy to try before you buy, and you will learn something even if you don’t go on to sign up with them. It’s very affordable, though. You will more than make up your investment by no longer wasting food!

The details follow. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

How many videos does Rouxbe have?
Rouxbe has over 1,100 close-up instructional videos that capture the exact same curriculum found in professional cooking schools around the world.

How much is tuition?
Tuition plans include $29.95 per month or $239.95 per year for unlimited access to all content, features, and personalized chef feedback.

Anything Free?
To access the Rouxbe Cooking School, you need to become a paid Rouxbe student by selecting one of our tuition plans. You can access a few sample cooking school lessons and a few full step-by-step instructional video recipes on the site. However, to access 70+ online classes that include over 1,000 videos you have to join Rouxbe.

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