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SOLE Challenge: Broccoli and Shrimp Salad

broccoli salad with shrimp

This summer salad will cool you down on hot, hot days.

It’s great having a larger garden this year—I have so many more fun things to choose from (assuming I get to them before the [swear word] beetles do). We pulled up the last of our broccoli, and I wanted to do something with it a little more exciting than just steaming it, although I really love steamed broccoli. It was so bloody hot outside that I thought a nice cold salad would be the ticket.

Broccoli Cheese Soup

cheesy broccoli soup

Cheesy soup is perfect on a rainy day, and the greens make it healthy!

Who ordered this cold, dreary weather for the DC area? It’s April. I accept the rain. But I don’t accept the need to wear a heavy winter coat! Even Happy Dawg refused to spend any time outside this morning. Brrrr. On the bright side, I do believe hearty cheese soups were put on this Earth for exactly these kinds of weather situations. And yesterday, when this weather came in, I happened to have some hearty cheese soup ingredients on hand.

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