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DDC week 15: Linguini with Duckballs

duckballs and linguini

Linguini and duckballs adds a little class to the old family favorite.

Life is a little out of control right now. Case in point—I made this dark days meal on Tuesday. It’s now Sunday, and I’m needing to steal a quick five minutes to get it posted before round 2 of my insane family weekend begins. This weekend is the fun kind of insane: my brothers are in town because my nephew is auditioning for the Vienna Boys Choir and my sisters-in-law are celebrating their 40th birthday. Somehow, I became the coordinator for the birthday party. So I’ve had a lot on my plate. To top it off, I’m getting ready for my talk on Thursday at the Maple Avenue Market, which I learned yesterday is at 6:30, not 7:00 like I thought.

Stuffed Duck Breast for My Valentine

duck breast with mashed turnip and broccoli rabe

This dinner of stuffed duck breast made my hubby's belly very happy.

I just love concocting wonderful things to stuff inside beautiful cuts of meat. I do it with venison all the time (like stuffing venison with mashed turnips or mashed pumpkin). A few months ago I got a gorgeous local duck breast from The Organic Butcher in McLean, which has sense been sitting in my freezer waiting for a special occasion (or really just a free Saturday night when I had the time to make a fancy dinner). This weekend presented the opportunity. The fact that it’s Valentine’s Day weekend is purely coincidental.Especially since we don’t actually celebrate Valentine’s Day, but that’s another post.

Duck Egg with Roasted Red Cabbage

duck egg with red cabbage

A simple meal: duck egg, roasted red cabbage, and oyster mushrooms.

It has been one of those weeks. You know what I mean. When work is so busy you don’t even get up from the desk for nine hours, then you come home and just collapse. When you go to the store and buy all sorts of beautiful local produce for your dark days meal, and can’t find the time to cook it. That’s the kind of week I’ve had. This simple meal took me three days to pull together.

I am not joking.

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