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Garden Vegetable Soup

garden vegetable soup

Fresh (and frozen) veggies are perfect for this garden vegetable soup.

I love snow storms, just not in March when I’m READY for Spring. But alas, a snow storm is what we got in Virginia today. And since I always turn to food to get me through the hard times, I decided to make a nice garden vegetable soup to make myself feel better.

Last summer, I canned some of my tomatoes, but I also froze some. Then promptly forgot I did that. The result is that it’s March, and I have a few quarts of garden tomatoes in my freezer. Oh happy day! So I took those out this morning, and did a little more scrounging in the freezer. I produced some green beans and basil from the garden, along with some of my venison stock. The other day we harvested the last of our winter turnips, thus rounding out the homegrown vegetables. I had a cabbage and some organic carrots from the Maple Avenue Market, and some chicory that I picked up on a whim recently. All that spelled stew to me!

Broccoli Cheese Soup

cheesy broccoli soup

Cheesy soup is perfect on a rainy day, and the greens make it healthy!

Who ordered this cold, dreary weather for the DC area? It’s April. I accept the rain. But I don’t accept the need to wear a heavy winter coat! Even Happy Dawg refused to spend any time outside this morning. Brrrr. On the bright side, I do believe hearty cheese soups were put on this Earth for exactly these kinds of weather situations. And yesterday, when this weather came in, I happened to have some hearty cheese soup ingredients on hand.

Dark Days week 7: Butternut Squash Soup with Roasted Oyster Mushrooms

butternut squash soup

This seasonal soup is perfect for cold winter days.

Nothing warms the soul in the like soup. On cold days, I just love making it. I think the smell makes me just as happy as sitting down to eat it.

Last week, the lovely Dark Days organizers released the list of our challenges…a dessert, a vegetarian meal, a one pot meal, and a breakfast. I immediately thought I could easily swing all of those challenges—except the vegetarian meal. I am a meat eater, no getting around it. So I kind of thought I would participate in that particular challenge.

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