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Dark Days Challenge: One Pot Meal

venison and turnip stew

My surprisingly delicous stew: venison, turnip (& greens), potato and tomato.

I have to admit that I was not very excited about this meal. I’ve been thinking for a week about what I wanted to make for this one-pot meal challenge and nothing sounded good. A stew or chili seemed the most obvious (at least easiest) choice, but 1) I haven’t been in the mood and 2) I wanted to do something more exciting.

Well, here we are on Sunday, my big dark days cooking day and I had nothing. Add to that the fact that my back has been in spasm for a few days and I can’t stand for more than a few minutes without excruciating pain and, well, I thought I was just going to bypass the challenge entirely. And then it snowed a little and I was suddenly in the mood for a hearty stew.

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