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wild game recipe

Dark Days Meal 9: Venison Stuffed with Mashed Turnips

venison stuffed with mashed turnip

Winter comfort: venison stuffed with mashed turnip and Crimini mushrooms. And don't forget the tender greens!

I’ve got a dark days challenge coming up, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it. The one pot meal has me stumped, mostly because I don’t want to make chili for it. I actually made a slow cook chicken this week, but while it was tasty, it wasn’t post worthy. And the acorn squash wouldn’t fit in the slow cooker, so it was really a two pot meal by the time I finished.

Dark Days Week 2: Pumpkin Chocolate Chili

venison pumpkin chocolate chili

Venison, pumpkin, chocolate...awesome chili.

This week’s Dark Days Challenge really was a challenge. Work was insane and left me about zero time to think about cooking. The madness should be over by Wednesday, and I’ll have the rest of the year to just think about food.

Backyard Bunny in Mustard Cream Sauce

wild rabbit in mustard sauce

Rich and creamy, backyard bunny is a fabulous dinner.

We had a rough week in our house for many reasons, but the worst is that Rick got a call with very bad news just as he was walking out of the woods and packing up his hunting gear. In the process of rushing off to the hospital, his brand new bow was destroyed. Brand New. Very Expensive. Destroyed.

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